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Pre-Moving Tips

Pre-Moving Tips You Must Follow

It’s wise to hire a professional packing crew when you relocate. But these are your precious items, so don’t sit back and relax just yet! Moving home is a stressful period, but like every major life change, the 4 ’Ps’ – preparation, planning, patience and a positive attitude – will make things a lot easier. Follow these pre-moving tips before our Movers and packers team arrives to prepare yourself, and you will be just fine.


Do a top-to-bottom cleanup of your home: rooms, cupboards, closets, desks. Donate or throw away the stuff that you don’t need to remove excess baggage. Group the remaining items like clothing, utensils, etc. to make it easy to pack.


Label all the items you own and place them in the corresponding room. For e.g.: Label all the things that belong to the study and put them in the study. Put the items that you’ll move – like jewellery, your laptop, and important documents – into a separate pile. Even better, pack them ahead of time and mark them accordingly.


Use cloud storage or portable hard drives to backup your computer, tablet, etc. and work files.


Mark high-value and fragile items so that the packing crew will take extra care with them. The value can be either sentimental or financial. In the case of the latter, it’s best to get them evaluated by a professional in the initial stage to assess their worth and take the necessary precautions.


Remove any debris and declutter your rooms. Packing moves much more quickly when the movers have clear, level surfaces to work.


Oversee the movers as they perform their tasks and be around to answer their doubts. Please ensure that you communicate your expectations clearly and that nothing is missed or lost.

Bonus Tip: Stock up on snacks and refreshment for the crew and yourself too. All the work can make you hungry, so this will be much appreciated!

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