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Excited about your next move but worried about packing all your stuff?

We completely understand that relocating to a new place can be full of excitement but can also cause a lot of worries, thinking about packing all your belongings and safely moving them to your new place. This is why its best to consider a professional packing company in Dubai to handle it for you, while you spend your time planning about ways to decorate your new place.


Careful packing is the first step to an informed moving decision

It is very important to carefully pack all the items before loading them on a truck for transit. We understand how precious your belongings are for you and some of them might even have memories attached to them. This is why we have trained and experienced packers who have mastered the art of packing. They understand the importance of careful packing for a safe movement.

We are always equipped as per your moving needs

There are ways of packing different types of items and it might require different types of packing materials. Our team is always equipped as per your requirement. We determine what packing materials are required for moving your household or office items safely, based on our initial survey. Accordingly our team arrives at your location with the required materials and does the job without causing you any stress or hassle.

Types of packing materials we use:

Moving Boxes – We have different sizes of moving boxes to accomodate items of different shapes and sizes and to ensure they fit in properly. Ideally they are used to pack materials that are not prone to damage during transit like clothes, books, kitchen materials, etc.

Wrapping paper – For packing delicate items, we use the wrapping paper. When these items are placed in boxes, we also add in craft papers or plain print papers to fill in any gaps between items to ensure better safety.

Bubble wraps – We use bubble wraps for fragile items as it is shock resistant and ensure the best safety during transportation.

Wrapping foams – These are very essential for packing heavy items like TV, washing machine, fridge, etc. These foams acts as a layer of cushioning and protects from any sort of damage or scratches.

Moving Blankets – These blankets are big and quite thick. We ideally use them to wrap furniture, wardrobe etc. They protect from dust and dirt. The thickness of these blankets also protects from any scratches or dents.

Apart from these, or team always carry the essential toolkit that consists of packing tapes, scissors and box cutters required for packing and unpacking your belongings.

We are a safe and reliable packing company in Dubai. You can trust us on our service quality.

Avail the best packing experience at your budget

With 20 years of experience and 1000+ satisfied customers, we take pride in offering our relocation services

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