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Moving and Packing Tips

Are you looking at relocating or shifting your home or office from or to Dubai? Relocations can be a tedious task which consumes times and energy. Follow our Check List of Moving Tips to have a stress-free and accident-free relocation.

Al Sabaa’s top 6 tips for stress-free relocations:

1. Don’t skimp on boxes and sticking tape, you wil needs lots of it.

2. Always number, label and colour code boxes. This makes it easier when you unpack things. Remember to label and organize things as you pack or unpacking can become a nightmare.

3. Always put a room’s items into one box. That way you can unpack the kitchen items first, while you can keep the living room items for later.

4. You can always use suitcase, boxes and buckets that you already have. Put stuff inside and then pack them into the cardboard boxes. This way you can save on space.

5. Make sure that you pack important documents, cash and jewellery in a separate box. This can be taken with you in person, so that it doesn’t get lost.

6. Keep appliances, accessories, cords, cables, adapters together so that they work without any issues after you unpack them.

The list of things to do might seem overwhelming. Not to worry, you need do all these on your own, you can rely on Al Sabaa’s professional movers and packers to organize and pack and unpack all your belongings, so you can concentrate on things that really need your attention.

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